Indian Military Academy’s Gentleman Cadet Amul Rawal Dies After Falling Into Gorge During Night Navigation Exercise

In a tragic incident, Amul, Rawal, a Gentleman Cadet of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun lost his life during training exercise on May 6 when he fell into a deep gorge during night navigation exercise. This exercise is conducted every year for the second term cadets.

Rawal was an ex-National Defence Academy (NDA) cadet, who joined the IMA in January this into the second term after three years of training at the premier institute in Pune. The GC sustained a head injury and was given a medical attention on the spot. Indian Military Academy POP 2018: 347 GCs Commissioned Into The Indian Army.

Rawal was immediate rushed in an ambulance to Military hospital under a supervision of a medical officer. However, he succumbed to his injuries and was declared brought dead.. Rawal belonged to Haryana’s Karnal and would been commissioned into the Indian Army in December this year. A procedural Court of Inquiry has been ordered to probe the matter.

(Picture Courtesy: IMA)