Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2019: Indian And US Armies Sing & Dance on Assam Regiment’s Marching Song ‘Badluram Ka Badan Zameen Ke Neeche Hai’; Watch Video

The United States (US) Army on Sunday joined the Indian Army in singing and dancing on the Assam Regiment’s marching song “Badluram Ka Badan Zameen Ke Neeche Hai” during the 15th edition of the Exercise Yudh Abhyas. The video of US and Indian soldiers enjoying the song was shared by the Indian Army on is twitter handle.

Indian Air Force Soon to Get Boeing’s Apache And Chinook Helicopters

  The Indian Air Force (IAF) will soon get Boeing’s Apache and Chinook helicopters. The IAF’s crew is getting trained on the Apache AH-64 E and Chinook CH 47F (I) helicopters. According to reports, the Apache will be delivered by March next year, whereas India will start getting the delivery of Chinook helicopters from JulyContinue reading “Indian Air Force Soon to Get Boeing’s Apache And Chinook Helicopters”

Indian Army Tests ‘Air Cavalry’ Using Attack Helicopters

The Indian Army has tested the military concept of ‘Air Cavalry’ in the desert terrain of Rajasthan. This concept was used by the US Army to locate and assault enemy ground forces during the Vietnam War. Weaponised helicopters carry out combined action against the enemy in coordination with tanks and mechanised ground forces during theContinue reading “Indian Army Tests ‘Air Cavalry’ Using Attack Helicopters”