EXERCISE INDRA – 2018, Day 2: Indian and Russian Troops Participate in 10 km Joint Battle ‘March’

Representational Image (Picture Courtesy: Twitter/@PratishtaJain)

During the ongoing 10th Indo-Russia joint military exercise INDRA-2018, soldiers of both the armies participated in 10 km long endurance march on Wednesday at Babina Military Station in Uttar Pradesh. The soldiers crossed the contaminated area and also practiced to repel an attack. The march was followed by equipment familiarisation. Contingents of both the nations practiced their skills at small arms shooting. Reinforced Motorised Rifle Battalions of the participant nations were also raised. In the mock drill the reconnaissance unit of the reinforced Russian motorized rifle battalion posed as an ‘enemy’.

Soldiers of both armies during equipment familiarisation:

The 10th Indo-Russian Joint Exercise, INDRA 18 began on November 18 and will conclude on November 28. The opening ceremony of the joint military exercise was held at Babina Military Station on Tuesday. According to reports, around 250 Russian troops are participating in the 11-day exercise. The troops of the Eastern Military District were airlifted by two Ilyushin Il-76 “Candid” military transport aircraft from Vladivostok to New Delhi. Later, they were transferred to Babina Military Station.

The aim of the exercise is to practice joint planning and conduct to enhance interoperability of the two armies in the peace keeping and enforcement environment under the aegis of United Nations. The eleven day exercise focuses upon training on enhancing team building and tactical level operations between the Indian and the Russian armies.

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