Major Vikas Shukla Creates History by Climbing Three Highest Peaks of South America – ‘The Triple Crown’

Major Vikas Shukla of the Indian Army has created history by climbing the three highest peaks of South America. The army officer climbed three peaks – Mount Aconcagua which is at 6961 meters height, Mount Ojos Del Alado at 6893 meters height and Mount Pissis at a height of 6792 metres in February this year. The peaks are together known as ‘The Triple Crown’. Major Shukla completed this feat in a ceaseless and tenacious push of 14 days. These expeditions were part of his bigger mission to climb the seven highest peaks across all the continents, also known as ‘The Seven Summits’ of the world.

Earlier, Major Shukla had scaled the highest peak of Europe, Mount Elbrus and the highest peak of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. The officer had also participated in Indian Army expedition to virgin peak Mount Apsarasas-II at a height of 7239 metres. Colonel Ranveer Jamwal Scales Mount Vinson in Antarctica to Become First Army Officer to Climb Seven Highest Peaks Across All Continents.

Indian Army’s Instagram Post:

If Major Shukla managed to achieve this feat, then he will become the second army man after Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal who had climbed the seven highest peaks across all the continents. He achieved the feat on January 4, 2019, by scaling Mount Vinson in Antarctica despite adverse wind and climatic conditions.

Before Col Jamwal left for Antarctica, he had scaled Mt Everest (Highest mountain in the World and Asia), the highest mountain of Africa (Mt Killimanjaro), Australia (Mt Carstenesz Pyramid), Europe (Mt Elbrus), South America (Mt Aconcagua) & North America (Mt Denali). Colonel Jamwal has the distinction of climbing Mount Everest three times. He has done more than 30 expeditions across six continents.

(Picture Courtesy: Instagram/@ADGPI)


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