Fact Check: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Denied Pension After Retirement From Indian Army? Here is The Truth

Last month, during a debate, Republic TV’s Consulting Editor for Strategic Affairs, Major Gaurav Arya claimed that the then Indian government stopped Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s pension and he was given his pension only at his deathbed. However, news portal The Quint debunked Major Arya’s claim.

As per the third Central Pay Commission (CPC) which was implemented in 1973, pensions of defence personnel were increased. The Fourth CPC (1986) then recommended that pensions of all central government employees including defence forces should be fixed at 50 percent of the last withdrawn salary. Remembering Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw on 12th Death Anniversary With His Memorable Quotes.

Major Gaurav Arya’s Claim:

The Quint also reported that FM Manekshaw’s pension was never withheld. In 2007, the government decided that surviving Marshals should receive full salary equivalent to that of service chiefs. In the same year, FM Manekshaw was given arrears including his pay and other benefits which were due as Marshal-rank officer never retires.

FM Manekshaw’s daughter Maja Daruwala, told The Quint, “he was paid a pension “but since a field marshal never retires, his full pay and benefits were due, and this was given to him after President Abdul Kalam’s intervention.”

Tweet by Advocate And Major Navdeep Singh:

As per a PTI report, the defence ministry in a statement in 2007 said that FM Manekshaw and Marshal of IAF Arjan Singh would be entitled to “full salary and allowances equivalent to that for serving chiefs of the two services. After this announcement, FM Manekshaw received a cheque of over Rs 1.16 crore, dating from 1 January 1973. The then Defence Secretary Shekhar Dutt handed over the cheque.

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5 thoughts on “Fact Check: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Denied Pension After Retirement From Indian Army? Here is The Truth

  1. I am not sure.But now BJP supporters are taking gain by saying that congress govt failed to honour the true soldier of India


  2. Congress always awarded honour to respected manek Shaw and permotted him to the post of field marshal


  3. Indira govt did not pay full salary & allowances as per the provision that Marshal Rank officers never retire.

    So it automatically meant that 50% was withheld. Why are you telling half truth in your story.

    Fact check? Ridiculous.


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