Exercise INDRA 2021 Closing Ceremony: Indo-Russia Joint Military Drill Culminates

The closing ceremony of the Indo-Russia joint exercise INDRA was held on August 12, 2021. The aim of the exercise was to acquaint each other with operational planning, procedures, combat drills and conducting of joint operations against international terrorist groups. Both the contingents, comprising of 250 soldiers from each side displayed great enthusiasm and professionalism while practicing joint drills during the conduct of the exercise.

During the validation phase, Mechanised Forces and Special Forces practiced integrated live firing and specialised joint operations which included clearance of rebel stronghold in an urban setting. The troops not only learnt about each others organisations, but also exchanged ideas and best practices being followed in Peace Keeping Operations under aegis of the United Nations. Exercise INDRA 2021 Opening Ceremony: Indo-Russia Joint Training Exercise Commences At Prudboy Ranges in Volgograd.

Tweet By Indian Army:

The exercise was a grand success and has taught valuable lessons to the troops of the participating countries. The camaraderie developed between the contingents during the course of exercise will certainly assist in enhancing confidence between the armies. The conduct of such Joint Military Exercises is an important step to strengthen the relations between India and Russia.

(Article: PIB)

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