IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: 325 GCs Commissioned Into Indian Army, 70 Gentlemen Cadets of Friendly Foreign Countries Pass Out From Indian Military Academy

The Passing Out Parade (POP) of the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) took place on December 12 at Drill Square of the Chetwode Hall. A total of 395 Gentlemen Cadets of 147 Regular Course and 130 Technical Graduate Course, including 70 Gentlemen Cadets from nine friendly foreign countries successfully passed out from the portals of the IMA, overcoming all challenges of COVID-19. Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt General S K Saini was the reviewing officer of the IMA POP Autumn Term 2020. Out of the total, 325 cadets were commissioned into the Indian army, while 70 are from friendly foreign countries. Gentlemen Cadets displayed inspiring enthusiasm and zeal, and put up an excellent show, marching with perfection to Military tunes of Col Bogey’, ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha’ and ‘Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja’ with pride and élan reflecting in each step. They knew that their parents and loved ones were witnessing each step with great pride and affection through the live coverage on all media platforms across the globe.

IMA, Dehradun.

Lt Gen Saini congratulated the Gentlemen Cadets on successful completion of their training at IMA. Lt Gen Saini, complimented the instructions and Gentlemen Cadets for the excellent parade, immaculate turnout as well as the crisp, synergised drill movements indicating high standards of training and discipline imbibed by the young leaders. The entire ceremony was conducted with due COVID precautions, including wearing of masks, gloves and drill formations adapted to maintain requisite distance between files/columns while executing the drill movements over the reverberating Drill Square. In many ways, this Passing Out Parade has been one of its kind amongst peer institutions across the world as each adapted itself to prevailing COVID environment.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Multi Display Activity Held at Somnath Stadium of Indian Military Academy (View Pics and Videos)

LT Gen Saini, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM, ADC, the Reviewing Officer, also complimented the 70 Gentlemen Cadets from friendly foreign countries who trained at IMA. He said “I am sure, you as ambassadors of your country carry back a treasure of fond memories of IMA and training which you shall cherish for a lifetime. The Indian Military Academy has imparted training to which will form the bedrock for your growth, both professional and personal, and will definitely strengthen the ties between our countries”. Another first during this time was the introduction of “Pehla Kadam” signifying the first step that the Gentlemen Cadets take as they join the fraternity of the brave Commissioned Officers of their respective Army.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: ‘Son-et-Lumiere’ Sound And Light Show Held at Indian Military Academy (View Pics And Videos)

While addressing the Passing out Course, the Reviewing Officer, exhorted all to dedicate themselves to the service of the nation. He said “you are just a step away from the historic and magnificent moment of your commissioning into the most elite forces. Let me adjure you to value the great traditions of the Indian Army, the basic tenets of which are the love for your country, love and compassion for the men you command and unflinching loyalty towards them. The fundamentals of soldiering have been instilled in you here; the onus is now on your young and firm shoulders to define the various facets of the art of soldiering and to be men of formidable bearing, courage and stature”. He also complemented and thanked the parents of the passing out course who had motivated their wards for having chosen such a noble profession to serve the nation and face all threat that our country might be required to counter at present and in the future.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Award Ceremony Conducted at Indian Military Academy’s Khetarpal Auditorium; Check Full List

The Reviewing Officer presented the following awards:-

• The coveted award of the Sword of Honour was presented to ACA Watandeep S Sidhu.

• Gold Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit was presented to Academy Under Officer Majji Giridhar.

• Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing Second in the Order of Merit was presented to BUO Nidesh Singh Yadav.

• Bronze Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing Third in the Order of Merit was presented to Senior Under Officer Shikhar Thapa.

• Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Technical Graduate Course was presented to Junior Under Officer Jasminder Pal Singh Sidhu.

• Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Foreign GCs was presented to GC Tandin Dorji.

• Chief of Army Staff Banner was awarded to Cassino Compnay for standing Overall First amongst 16 companies for the Autumn Term 2020.

While being conducted in scaled down backdrop on account COVID-19, the Passing Out Parade retained ceremonial grandeur and regalia symbolic of this ‘once in a lifetime’ moment for the proud Gentlemen Cadets. The Parade was earlier preceded by a solemn wreath laying ceremony at the Academy War Memorial in which the Academy remembered its 889 martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of the nation through the years and all committed themselves to follow the same path of bravery and selfless courage.

Also Watch | Media Interaction of Sword of Honour Watandeep Singh Sidhu:

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: ‘Son-et-Lumiere’ Sound And Light Show Held at Indian Military Academy (View Pics And Videos)

The POP at IMA is a spectacular event showcasing the training imparted to the further military leaders. As a  build up to the Parade, a splendid “Son-et-Lumiere” show, based on the theme “Indian Military Academy Through the Ages” was held on December 11 which took the audience on a nostalgic journey of the Academy from its inception in 1932 to its present status.

The experience leaves you awestruck with what the brave alumni of this Academy achieved over decades in varied actions on and off the battlefield. The magnificent show combined with the effects of brilliant light and sound, mesmerized the august gathering. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Multi Display Activity Held at Somnath Stadium of Indian Military Academy (View Pics and Videos).

Pics of The Sound And Light Show:

The “Son-et-Lumiere’’ (Sound and Light show) was graced by Lt Gen SK Saini, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM, ADC, the Reviewing Officer of the Parade along with  the parents of the passing out course and the visiting dignitaries. The event was held at the sprawling Drill Square which provided the pristine environment for the conduct of the event. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Award Ceremony Conducted at Indian Military Academy’s Khetarpal Auditorium; Check Full List.

Here Are Videos Of The Event:

The Sound and Light Show conducted at The Indian Military Academy, is one of its kind in Armed forces in India. It is done in front of the famous Chetwode Building, covering a stage of more than 400 feet, it depicts the history of almost nine decades of Indian Military Academy. People witness and experience the saga of unparalleled discipline, bravado, camaraderie and valour of the Heroes trained and honed into military leaders at this prestigious institution. It reflects the rich heritage and its iconic legacy.

The show is a fusion of action, lasers, light, shadows, fireworks, all merged into an impressive mixed of audio visual display against the majestic silhouette of the Chetwode Building. The 40 minutes program, leaves the parents of Passing Out Course full of nationalist pride and thrill at their ward joining this elite profession of arms.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Multi Display Activity Held at Somnath Stadium of Indian Military Academy (View Pics and Videos)

Showcasing the high standards of the training and physical excellence achieved by the Gentlemen Cadets of Indian Military Academy, a Multi Activity Display was conducted at Somnath Stadium on 09 Dec 2020 as a prelude to the Passing Out Parade. The audience included the Passing Out Course, Instructors and staff of the Indian Military Academy. The Display was graced by Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Commandant, Indian Military Academy. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Award Ceremony Conducted at Indian Military Academy’s Khetarpal Auditorium; Check Full List

The profession of arms requires a fair element of adventure in the Officer Cadet. Trained in this direction the Gentlemen Cadets displayed daredevil acts on horseback, which included Tent Pegging and Trick Riding. Further a scintillating performance was put up showcasing their physical prowess through their gymnastic agility and acrobatic skills. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Deputy Commandant And Chief Instructor’s Parade Held at Indian Military Academy.

Pictures of Gymnastic Event:

This ride has been recently conceptualised recently at the Indian Military Academy and was performed to excellence, thus mesmerising all, through perfection and stellar synchronisation.

Pictures of Horse Riding Event:

Pictures of Light Show at The IMA:

Videos of The Light Show:

The Passing Out Parade symbolises the culmination of rigorous training and transformation of a Gentleman cadet into a young Officer. The IMA POP for the Autumn term will take place on December 12, 2020. A total of 325 Indian and 70 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets will be commissioned into their respective armies.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Award Ceremony Conducted at Indian Military Academy’s Khetarpal Auditorium; Check Full List

The awards are a true recognition of the tremendous achievements of the Gentlemen Cadets and acknowledge their pursuit for excellence not only confined to academics but encompassing the whole range of activities that make for a well-rounded and balanced training. The Award Ceremony of Autumn Term-20 Passing Out Courses comprising 147 Regular Course and 130 Technical Graduate Course was conducted at the Khetarpal Auditorium, IMA on December 9, 2020.

Gentleman Cadets were felicitated by Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal, Commandant, Indian Military Academy. He bestowed medals and awards to the outstanding Gentlemen Cadets who excelled in various fields during their pre-commission training at the Academy.

The training imparted to the Gentlemen Cadets at Indian Military Academy is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of military fundamentals and leadership, as well as proficiency in basic military skills. It aims to develop the qualities of character, intellect, fitness and competence needed by future ready officers, who at all times in their career must be prepared to lead. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Deputy Commandant And Chief Instructor’s Parade Held at Indian Military Academy.

While the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted training in most educational institutes in the world, Indian Military Academy implemented an effective COVID action plan integrating all preventive guidelines outlined by Ministry of Health, Army Headquarter and Army Training Command. It was however ensured that there was no dilution in training standards of the Gentleman Cadets, even as all precautions were taken and a healthy routine evolved for them.

It is pertinent that IMA showcased its standards in an impressive Passing Out Parade during June 20 despite all COVID constraints, which was widely streamed across media including record live viewership on social media. Parents and relatives are this term looking forward to being present for the Parade and share the joy of this ‘Once in a lifetime experience’.

The Commandant Prize distribution and award ceremony is an important event which recognizes and encourages the Gentlemen Cadets to achieve excellence at individual level and contribute constructively in team effort to infuse a sense of camaraderie amongst them. Accordingly, Medals and Rolling trophies have been instituted at IMA, in recognition of the highest standards achieved at individual and company level.

On the occasion the following Gentlemen Cadets and Foreign Gentlemen Cadets from Friendly Foreign Countries were felicitated:



S No Award/ Medal/ Trophy Awarded For Awarded To
1.PARACHUTE Regt MedalGC adjudged best in Endurance and Physical Toughness of the POCACA Watandeep Singh Sidhu
2.9 GR MedalGC standing first in Mil Studies of the POCBUO Ashish Kumar
3.SIKH Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best Sportsman of the POCBUO Nidesh Singh Yadav
4.MARATHA LI  MedalGC adjudged best in PT of the POCACA Watandeep Singh Sidhu
5.RAJPUT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in Academics of the POCBUO Ashish Kumar
6.SIKH LI Silver Medal (General Bhagat Memorial Medal)GC adjudged best in Turnout and Drill of the POCAUO Majji Giridhar
7.RAJ RIF MedalGC adjudged best in Tactical Ability of the POCACA Watandeep Singh Sidhu
8.JAT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in OQ of the POCAUO Majji Giridhar
9.Corps of SIGNALS MedalGC standing first in Science and Warfare of the POCBUO Ashish Kumar
10.Brigade of the GUARDS MedalGC adjudged best in Service Subjects of the POCAUO Majji Giridhar
11.8 GR Medal “Sam Manekshaw Medal”GC adjudged best in WT of the POCGC Ishwar Gurung
12.5 GR (FF) MedalGC adjudged best Shot  in LMG of the POCJUO Palden Dukpa
13.Grenadiers TrophyGC adjudged best Shot in INSAS Rif of the POCCSM Nadeem Ahmed Wani
14.Motivation TrophyGC adjudged Most Motivated  GC of the POCCSM Khagendar Pun
15.Col HH Raja Sir Harindar Singh Brar, Bans Bahadur, KCSI, Raja of Faridkot TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in INSAS LMGGC Jafar Khan S
16.Maj Shaitan Singh,  PVC(Posthumous) Trophy presented by 30thReg CourseGC Adjudged Best in WTCQMS Patil Shivaji Dattatrya
17.Deccan Horse TrophyGC Adjudged  Best Rider of POCGC MS Jamwal
18.8th Course Re-Union TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in ITJUO Praveen


S/ NoAward/ Medal/ Trophy Awarded For Awarded To
1.AcademicsGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC) standing second in AcademicsBCA Abhishek Kumar



S No CountryNo of Eligible FGCs for Course Completion Cert / DiplomaGC Earmarked to Receive
Course Completion Certificate 
1.Afghanistan 41GC Samim Shorash
2.Bhutan 17JUO Tandin Dorji
3.Maldives01GC Mohamed Sidheeq
4.Mauritius01GC Chiranjeev Bungsy
5.Myanmar01GC Thet Oo Lin Tun
6.Nepal02GC Biplav Jung KC
7.Sri Lanka01GC DPS Peiris
8.Tajikistan03GC Khasanov Dzhamshed
9.Vietnam03**Already handed over in a Ceremony


S NoAward/Medal/Trophy Awarded For Awarded To Coy
1.Sir Alwyn Ezra TrophyCoy Standing First in Weapon TrgCassino
2.The Nawab of Jora TrophyCoy Standing Second in Weapon TrgKohima
3.Inter Coy Physical Trg CupCoy Standing Overall First in Physical TrgBasantar
4.3rd GORKHA Regt TrophyCoy Standing Overall second in Physical TrgHajipir
5.Burma Army TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in SportsAlamein
6.Air Chief Marshal Dilbagh Singh TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in SportsCassino
7.Admiral Sushil Kumar, AVSM, NM, ADC, Chief of Naval Staff TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Professional CompetitionBasantar  
8.Governor of Uttarakhand TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in AcademicsAlamein
9.ADG AE TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in AcademicsHajipir
10.Army Cdr ARTRAC BannerCoy Standing Overall Second in Inter Coy ChampionshipBasantar 
11.KUMAON TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Inter Coy ChampionshipCassino
12.Comdt’s BannerBn standing overall first in Inter Bn Championship Bhagat Bn

The Commandant in his address mentioned that the country demands willing, unhesitating, unfaltering obedience and loyalty from each young Officer. He further elaborated that leadership is composite of a number of qualities. Among the most important are self-confidence, moral ascendancy, self-sacrifice, fairness, initiative, decision, dignity and courage. In his address to the award winners, the Commandant also said it is important for an officer to maintain a competitive streak within the parameters of sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

He mentioned that the urge to win and excel as a team should always be there. In the profession of arms, it is always a collective and a team effort that is important as there are no runners up in war. He commended all for having achieved such high standards despite the constraints and challenges due to the spread of COVID-19. He complimented the parents and dear ones of the award winners for being their strength and assured the course that their parents shall be sharing these proud moments of the POP with them. The Commandant wished the course all the success and glory ahead in the various arms and services alloted to them.

IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Deputy Commandant And Chief Instructor’s Parade Held at Indian Military Academy

The Passing Out Parade symbolises the culmination of rigorous training and transformation of a Gentleman cadet into a young Officer. Amidst the global Pandemic and challenges posed by COVID-19, the Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor’s (DC&CI) parade was conducted on December 8, 2020, at the historic Chetwode drill square of the prestigious Indian Military Academy, wherein 325 Indian and 70 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets displayed their immaculate turnout and precision marching. This event marks preparation for the grand finale on December 12, 2020 to be reviewed by senior Army Hierarchy.

The Parade was reviewed by Maj Gen JS Mangat, Vishist Seva Medal, Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor of the Indian Military Academy. He complimented the gentleman cadets and encouraged them to be the finest officers of Indian Army. He also emphasized the importance of valour, honour, ethos and fine traditions of Indian Army. He mentioned that the efforts of the faculty and the hard work of the Gentlemen Cadets was quite evident from the crisp and coordinated movements on the Drill Square. He commended the Gentleman cadets for attaining stellar training standards despite all modifications in training and exhorted them to continue with their endeavors to excel. Kanika Rane, Wife of Martyred Major Kaustubh Rane, Joins Indian Army as Lieutenant in POP Held at OTA Chennai.

During the address to the passing out course Maj Gen JS Mangat, said that “the GCs have been taught to ‘Lead by Example’ and the soldiers who would be under their command should look up to them with pride. Indian troops are the best in the world, simple by heart, with unquestionable loyalty and hearts filled with patriotism. But then, as an officer you have to earn their respect and trust by your action, conduct and demeanor and above all by the truthfulness and purity of your intention and action. Once you have earned their trust and loyalty, they will follow you to every battle and win it for you”.

The General complimented Gentlemen Cadets from friendly foreign countries on successful completion of the training and wished them all the success ahead as they carry the cherished memories of their time at IMA. The Parade was reflective of the excellence that the Academy has always stood for. The fact that the parents of the Passing Out Course have been invited this time to witness the Parade, while adhering to all COVID protocols, has brought great cheer to the parents and the GCs.

(IMA Press Release)

Kanika Rane, Wife of Martyred Major Kaustubh Rane, Joins Indian Army as Lieutenant in POP Held at OTA Chennai

Kanika Rane, wife of Major Kaustubh Rane, who attained martyrdom while fighting terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir, joined the Indian Army as commissioned officer on Saturday in a Passing Out Parade (POP) held at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai.

Kanika Rane was commissioned into the Indian Army as Lieutenant. After the Pipping ceremony, Lt Rane said that she joined the Indian Army to fulfil the objectives of Major Rane. Lt Rane added that for training at the OTA, physical endurance is required, but more than that it is the mental strength that required. She cleared her Services Selection Board (SSB) interview in widows’ category in her first attempt.

Major Rane was among the soldiers who were martyred on August 7, 2018, while fighting with terrorists in Gurez sector of Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district. The officer belonged to Mira Road area of Thane district, adjoining Mumbai. In March this year, Kanika had collected the gallantry medal of her husband. Garima Abrol, Widow of Squadron Leader Samir Abrol of Indian Air Force, Clears SSB Interview, Will Join Air Force Academy in January 2020.

Interview by Kanika Rane After Becoming Officer:

On Saturday, a total of 250 gentlemen cadets (GCs) passed out of the OTA. Forty-nine were women cadets, while 20 GCs were from friendly foreign countries. Twenty of the total foreign GCs were from Bhutan, while 10 from Afghanistan. COVID-19 protocols were followed during the POP. For parents of cadets, arrangements were made to live stream the entire online. Kanika Rane, Wife of Martyred Major Kaustubh Rane of Indian Army, Set to Join Officers Training Academy in October.

Initially, the event was to take place in September. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the POP was postponed to November. Lieutenant General RP Singh, General Officer in Commanding-Chief Western Command reviewed the POP.

The sword of honour and the gold medal were awarded to Varun Ganapathy. Meanwhile, silver medal was awarded to to Mahadev Singh Rathore and Patil Dhiraj Patangrao bagged the bronze medal.

Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Former Fire And Fury Corps Commander, Takes Over as 50th IMA Commandant

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh on Saturday took over as the 50th Commandant of the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. After assuming the charge, Lt Gen Harinder Singh paid his tribute to the Martyrs at the War Memorial in a solemn ceremony recognising their supreme sacrifice for the nation. In his last appointment, Lt Singh served as a commander of the Fire and Fury Corps (XIV Corps). He led several top military level talks with Chinese officials amid standoff in Ladakh.

An alumnus of NDA Khadakwasla, the General Officer was commissioned into 9 MARATHA Light Infantry, one of the oldest regiment of Indian Army. He excelled in Hockey at Academy and is a former Services Hockey player. He later commanded a Rashtriya Rifles Battalion in active counter terrorist operations while deployed in Kupwara Sector. The Officer carries varied operational experience having served in different terrains.

The Officer has the distinction of commanding two different brigades, that includes the command of the most reputed UN Multi-national Brigade deployed in Eastern Congo. He commanded a mountain division in Kashmir & a Corps along active Northern Borders. The General Officer earlier served with Military Operation and Operational Logistics directorates in the rank of Major & Colonel respectively. As a Brigadier, he was instrumental in raising of the Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) at the Army HQ. IMA Commandant Lt Gen Jaiveer Singh Negi Retires From Indian Army Today.

He has also been an instructor at IMA, Dehradun and Infantry School, Mhow. The Officer served as a Staff Officer at the UN Mission in Angola. He attended Defence Services Staff College, Higher Comd Course and excelled in research work at the National Defence College, New Delhi for which he was awarded Colonel Pyare Lal Gold Medal. He has also been an international graduate fellow at Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Hawaii, USA.

The Commandant has held two fellowships in his service career. As a Research Fellow at IDSA, New Delhi and later at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, and published several monographs, papers and write-ups in international and national journals & dailies. The General Officer takes over the Command Baton of the most prestigious Indian Military Academy from Maj Gen JS Mangat, VSM, who has been Officiating after Lt Gen Jaiveer Singh Negi.

Indian Navy’s Corvette INS Prabal Launches Anti-Ship Missile, Sinks Decommissioned Frigate (Video)

The Indian Navy’s Missile Corvette INS Prabal on Friday destroyed an old decommissioned Godavari class frigate during a naval drill in the Arabian sea. An anti-ship missile (AShM) launched by INS Prabal and with impeccable accuracy destroyed the frigate.

The video of the missile destroying the frigate is shared by the Indian Navy on its official twitter handle. The Indian Navy tweeted, “#AShM launched by #IndianNavy Missile Corvette #INSPrabal, homes on with deadly accuracy at max range, sinking target ship.” NAG, Anti Tank Guided Missile, Successfully Clears Final User Trial (Watch Video).

Video of INS Prabal launching The Missile:

Godavari-class frigates were commissioned into the Indian Navy in 1983. Two of these frigates – INS Godavari and INS Ganga- were decommissioned in 2015 and 2018 respectively. According to a report published in NDTV, one of these two ships was sunk in the drill. Notably, these Godavari-class frigate were built in India.

NAG, Anti Tank Guided Missile, Successfully Clears Final User Trial (Watch Video)

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Thursday successfully completed the final user trial of third generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) NAG. The trial was conducted at 6:45 am rom Pokhran range. According to the DRDO, The missile was integrated with the actual warhead and a tank target was kept at designated range.

ATGM NAG has been developed by DRDO to engage highly fortified enemy tanks in day and night conditions. The missile has “Fire & Forget” “Top Attack” capabilities with passive homing guidance to defeat all MBTs equipped with composite and reactive armour. BrahMos, Supersonic Cruise Missile, Successfully Test-Fired From Indian Navy’s Stealth Destroyer INS Chennai.

Video of Final Trial of NAG:

The NAG missile carrier NAMICA is a BMP II based system with amphibious capability. With this final user trial, NAG will enter into production phase. The missile will be produced by Defence PSU Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), whereas Ordnance Factory Medak will produce the NAMICA. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated DRDO and Indian Army for the successful trial of NAG Missile. Secretary DDR&D & Chairman DRDO, Dr G Satheesh Reddy appreciated the efforts of DRDO, Indian Army and Industry in bringing the missile up to the production phase.

With theis successful trial, now the India is not required to import anti-tank missiles from the United States or Israel. The development came amid border standoff with China. According to some reports, these missiles will be deployed in Ladakh sector. Notably, India reported purchased Anti-tank Spike missiles from Israel after the Galwan valley clash.  

Wing Commander (R) Dr Vijayalakshmi Ramanan, IAF’s First Woman Commissioned Officer, Dies at 96

The first commissioned women officer of the Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander (Retd) Dr Vijayalakshmi Ramanan died on Wednesday. She was 96 years old. Wing Commander Vijayalakshmi Ramanan died due to old age ailments. She was a recipient of Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM).

The IAF officer was born in February 1924. After pursuing her MBBS, she was commissioned in the Army Medical Corps on August 22, 1955. Wing Commander Ramanan was seconded to the Air Force from the same day. Changing role of Women Officers in Indian Defence Forces.

The IAF officer not only served as a gynecologist at various Air Force Hospitals, but also attended wounded soldiers in times of wars. She was promoted to the rank of Wing Commander in August 1972. Wing Commander Ramanan was honoured with VSM for her services in 1977. In February 179, she was retired from the force. Her husband late KV Ramanan was also an officer in the IAF.

Dr Ramanan is survived by a daughter and a son. At a very young age, she had been an artist with the All India Radio.S he was also a trained in Carnatic music.