IMA POP Spring Term 2021 Award Ceremony: Prestigious Motivation Trophy Awarded To GC From Bhutan Kinley Norbu, Afghan GC Ehsanullah Saadat Also Felicitated

In an immaculately conducted Award ceremony at the Khetarpal Auditorium, the Indian Military Academy awarded the prestigious motivational trophy to a Foreign Gentlemen Cadet (FGC) from Kingdom of Bhutan in true recognition of his excellent all round performance, which also reflected in the individual awards won by the FGC. IMA POP Spring Term 2021 Award Ceremony For Passing Out Courses Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy.

Junior Under Officer, Kinley Norbu, won the awards on being adjudged as Best in Physical Training, Best in Turn out and Drill. He is getting commissioned in to Royal Bhutan Army and is part of 84 FGCs passing out this term from nine countries. 

A special award of recognition was also presented to FGC, Ehsanullah Saadat, from Afghanistan, for his zeal and untiring efforts to excel. The Afghan GC also won the award on being adjudged for best in service subjects, outdoor exercises and book review amongst FGCs. Graduation Ceremony Of Army Cadet College 117th Course Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy.

IMA commands great respect across the world armies for its exacting training standards. Every fourth GC in the academy is from a foreign army. This award reflects the pride which IMA takes in its assessment and award policy for excelling GCs of passing out course, irrespective of nationality. These inspire the GCs to compete and inculcate a spirit of winning.

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IMA POP Spring Term 2021 Award Ceremony For Passing Out Courses Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy

The awards are a true recognition of the tremendous achievements of the Gentlemen Cadets and acknowledge their pursuit for excellence not only confined to academics but encompassing the whole range of activities that make for a well rounded and balanced training. The Award Ceremony of Spring Term-21 Passing Out Courses comprising 148 Regular Course and 131 Technical Graduate Course was conducted at the Khetarpal Auditorium, IMA on June 9, 2021. IMA POP Spring Term 2021: Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor’s Parade Held At Indian Military Academy’s Chetwode Drill Square.

Gentleman Cadets were felicitated by Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Commandant, Indian Military Academy. He bestowed medals and awards to the outstanding Gentlemen Cadets who excelled in various fields during their pre-commission training at the Academy. The training imparted to the Gentlemen Cadets at Indian Military Academy is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of military fundamentals and leadership, as well as proficiency in basic military skills. It aims to develop the qualities of character, intellect, fitness and competence needed by future ready officers, who at all times in their career must be prepared to lead.

While the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted training in most educational institutes in the world, Indian Military Academy implemented an effective COVID action plan integrating all preventive guidelines outlined by Ministry of Health, Army Headquarter and Army Training Command. It was however ensured that there was no dilution in training standards of the Gentleman Cadets, even as all precautions were taken and a healthy routine evolved for them. The training at the Academy has continued for almost 16 months without a break, reflective of the resolve and commitment.

The Commandant Prize distribution and award ceremony is an important event which recognizes and encourages the Gentlemen Cadets to achieve excellence at individual level and contribute constructively in team effort to infuse a sense of camaraderie amongst them. Accordingly, Medals and Rolling trophies have been instituted at IMA, which symbolise the highest standards achieved at individual and company level. Graduation Ceremony Of Army Cadet College 117th Course Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy.

On the occasion, the following Gentlemen Cadets and Foreign Gentlemen Cadets from Friendly Foreign Countries were felicitated: –

Here Is The Award List:



S NoAward/ Medal/ TrophyAwarded ForAwarded To
1.PARACHUTE Regt MedalGC adjudged best in Endurance and Physical Toughness of the POCJUO Astik
2.9 GR MedalGC standing first in Mil Studies of the POCCSM Saksham Goswami
3.SIKH Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best Sportsman of the POCBUO Mukesh Kumar  
4.DOGRA Regt & SCOUT Wing  MedalGC adjudged best in Obst Competition of the POCGC Dinesh Jaggi
5.MARATHA LI  MedalGC adjudged best in PT of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
6.SIKH LI Silver Medal (General Bhagat Memorial Medal)GC adjudged best in Turnout and Drill of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
7.RAJPUT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in Academics of the POCCQMS Arvind Kumar Bagoria
8.JAT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in OQ of the POCBUO Shivam Kumar
9.Corps of SIGNALS MedalGC standing first in Science and Warfare of the POCGC Ashish
10.Brigade of the GUARDS MedalGC adjudged best in Service Subjects of the POCAUO Deepak Singh
11.8 GR Medal “Sam Manekshaw Medal”GC adjudged best in WT of the POCSUO Pradeep Thapa
12.5 GR(FF) MedalGC adjudged best Shot  in LMG of the POCGC Manjeet Singh
14.JAK Rif MedalGC adjudged second best in Tactical Ability of the POCGC Manjeet Singh
15.RAJ RIF MedalGC adjudged best in Tactical Ability of the POCGC Saksham Goswami
16.Grenadiers TrophyGC adjudged best Shot in INSAS Rif of the POCGC Neeraj Rathore
17.Motivation TrophyGC adjudged Most Motivated  GC of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
18.Col HH Raja Sir Harindar Singh Brar, Bans Bahadur, KCSI, Raja of Faridkot TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in INSAS LMGGC Shivam Choudhary
20.Deccan Horse TrophyGC Adjudged  Best Rider of POCGC Surender Singh
21.8th Course Re-Union TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in ITSGT Prajjwal Kala
19.Maj Shaitan Singh,  PVC(Posthumous) Trophy presented by 30thReg CourseGC Adjudged Best in WTGC Neeraj Rathore



S/ NoAward/ Medal/ TrophyAwarded ForAwarded To
1.M & D ClubGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC) adjudged best in M&D Club ActivityGC Karun Bakshi
2.Journalism ClubGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC ) adjudged best in Journalism Club ActivityGC Naveen
3Arts ClubGC of POC adjudged best in Arts Club ActivityGC Subham Kumar
4.AcademicsGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC) standing second in AcademicsCSM Saksham Goswami
5.Paper Writing CompetitionGC of POC won the Paper Writing CompetitionGC Sumeet Mal
6Excellent performanceGC from FFCsGC Ehsanullah Saadat (Afghanistan)
7.Leadership Matrix (Book Review)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Book Review)SUO Affan Hussain
8.Leadership Matrix (Lecturette)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Lecturette)CSM Saksham Goswami
9.Leadership Matrix (Review Essay)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Review Essay)SUO Affan Hussain



S NoCountryNo of Eligible FGCs for Course Completion Cert / DiplomaGC Earmarked to Receive
1.Afghanistan43FGC Ehsaullah Saadat
2.Bhutan18JUO Kinley Norbu
3.Maldives01GC Ahmed Mowmur
4.Mauritius04GC Christian
5.Kyrgyzstan01JUO Bekhbolotov Kuban
6.Tonga01GC OV Vete
7.Sri Lanka01GC Dilushan Vijaysinghe
8.Tajikistan13GC Abrahim Jon
9.Vietnam02GC Dang Quacdung



S NoAward/Medal/ TrophyAwarded ForAwarded To CoyBn
1.Sir Alwyn Ezra TrophyCoy Standing First in Weapon TrgAlameinTh
2.The Nawab of JoraTrophyCoy Standing Second in Weapon TrgKerenBh
3.Inter Coy Physical Trg CupCoy Standing Overall First in Physical TrgSangroMa
4.3rd GORKHA Regt TrophyCoy Standing Overall second in Physical TrgZojilaMa
5.Burma Army TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in SportsDograiTh
6.Air Chief Marshal Dilbagh Singh TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in SportsJessoreMa
7.Admiral Sushil Kumar, AVSM, NM, ADC, Chief of Naval Staff TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Professional CompetitionMeiktilla  Th
8.Governor of Uttarakhand TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in AcademicsNausheraCa
9.ADG AE TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in AcademicsKerenBh
10.Army Cdr ARTRAC BannerCoy Standing Overall Second in Inter Coy ChampionshipNausheraCa
11.KUMAON TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Inter Coy ChampionshipDograiTh
12.JAT Regt TrophyCoy Standing Second in Professional Championship (PT, WT, Drill & Service Sub)ZojilaMa
13.Comdt’s BannerDrill First in Inter Bn ChampionshipThimayya Bn
14. Coy Standing First in Ex Diamond BeltAlamein Coy & Chusul Coy/ Th Bn Jointly stood first in Ex Diamond Belt

The Commandant in his address mentioned that the country demands willing, unhesitating, unfaltering obedience and loyalty from each young Officer. He further elaborated that leadership is composite of a number of qualities. Among the most important are self-confidence, moral ascendancy, self-sacrifice, fairness, initiative, decision, dignity and courage. In his address to the award winners, the Commandant also said it is important for an officer to maintain a competitive streak within the parameters of sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

Lt Gen Singh mentioned that the urge to win and excel as a team should always be there. In the profession of arms, it is always a collective and a team effort that is important and there are no runners up in war. He commended all for having achieved such high standards despite the constraints and challenges due to the spread of COVID-19. The Commandant wished the course all the success and glory ahead in the various arms and services alloted to them.

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IMA POP Spring Term 2021: Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor’s Parade Held At Indian Military Academy’s Chetwode Drill Square

The Passing Out Parade symbolises the culmination of rigorous training and transformation of a Gentleman cadet into a young Officer. Amidst the global Pandemic and challenges posed by COVID, the Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor’s (DC&CI) parade was conducted on June 8, 2021 at the historic Chetwode drill square, wherein 341 Indian and 84 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets displayed their pristine / immaculate turnout and precision marching. This marks preparation for the grand finale on June 12, 21 to be reviewed by senior Army Hierarchy. IMA POP Spring Term 2021 on June 12; Indian Military Academy Prepares For Passing Out Parade, Parents of GCs Not Allowed Due to COVID-19.

The Parade was reviewed by Maj Gen JS Mangat, Vishist Seva Medal, Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor of the Indian Military Academy. He complimented the gentleman cadets and encouraged them to be the finest officers of Indian Army. He also emphasized the importance of valour, honour, ethos and fine traditions of Indian Army. He mentioned that the efforts of the faculty and the hard work of the Gentlemen Cadets was quite evident from the crisp and coordinated movements on the Drill Square. Graduation Ceremony Of Army Cadet College 117th Course Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy.

Glimpse Into The Event Held At Indian Military Academy:

During the address to the passing out course Maj Gen JS Mangat, said that “the GCs have been taught to ‘Lead by Example’ and the soldiers who would be under their command should look up to them with pride. Indian troops are the best in the world, simple by heart, with unquestionable loyalty and hearts filled with patriotism. But then, as an officer you have to earn their respect and trust by your action, conduct and demeanor and above all by the truthfulness and purity of your intention and action. Once you have earned their trust and loyalty, they will follow you to every battle and win it for you”.

The General complimented Gentlemen Cadets from nine friendly foreign countries on successful completion of the training and wished them all the success ahead as they carry the cherished memories of their time at IMA. The Parade was reflective of the excellence that the Academy has always stood for and set the stage for the stellar conduct of the main events scheduled for June 12, 2021, which shall be telecast live on various channels and the social media.

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Indian Navy Gets 3 Indigenously-Built ALH MK III Helicopters; Induction Ceremony of ‘322 Dega Flight’ Held At Vishakhapatnam

The induction ceremony of ‘322 Dega Flight’ was held in the presence of Vice Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, AVSM, VSM Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command (ENC) with three indigenously built Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) MK III helicopters flying into Naval Air Station, INS Dega on June 7, 2021. INS Sandhayak, Indian Navy’s Hydrographic Survey Ship, To Be Decommissioned on June 4 After Serving For 40 Years.

With the induction of these Maritime Reconnaissance and Coastal Security (MRCS) helicopters, the ENC got a major boost towards enhancing the capabilities of the force, in pursuit of the maritime interests of the nation. These helicopters, built by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, are state-of-the-art flying machines and constitute a major step in our quest for “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”. COVID-19 in India: Medical ICU Installed Onboard ALH MK III Aircraft For Evacuation Of Critical Patients.

Tweet By Indian Navy:

ALH MK III helicopters feature an array of systems previously seen only on heavier, multi-role helicopters of the Indian Navy. These helicopters are fitted with modern surveillance radar and electro-optical equipment, which enable them to undertake the role of maritime reconnaissance in addition to providing long-range Search and Rescue, both by day and night.

In addition to special operations capabilities, ALH MK III is also fitted with a heavy machine gun to undertake constabulary missions. A removable Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is also fitted on ALH MK III helicopters to airlift critically ill patients. The helicopter also has a host of advanced avionics, making it truly an all-weather aircraft. The flight is being led by Cdr SS Dash as the first flight commander who is an experienced ALH Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) with extensive operational experience.

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Graduation Ceremony Of Army Cadet College 117th Course Held at Khetarpal Auditorium of Indian Military Academy

The Army Cadet College is an integral feeder wing of the Indian Military Academy. The college was established with the aim to train and induct deserving soldiers into officer cadre. A total of 29 Cadets of the Army Cadet College (ACC) Wing graduated on June 5, 2021, and were awarded degree during the presentation ceremony at the Khetarpal Auditorium of the Indian Military Academy. These degrees were conferred upon the Cadets by the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Amongst the 29 Cadets, 12 are graduating in Science Stream and 17 in Humanities Stream. The ceremony was presided over by Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal, Commandant, Indian Military Academy. The Army Cadet College has a rich history of training selected personnel from other ranks of all the three Services who display potential to become officers in the Indian Army.

After three years of training at the Army Cadet College, the Cadets of the graduating course will join the Indian Military Academy for one year for their Pre-Commissioning Training. The ACC cadets commissioned as officers have deep prior understanding of a soldier’s life and have done the nation proud through their varied achievements.

Brigadier Shailesh Sati, Commander ACC Wing while addressing highlighted the commitment & dedication shown by the Cadets of the Graduating course. He also appreciated the Cadets for their all round excellence despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19 restrictions. IMA POP Spring Term 2021 on June 12; Indian Military Academy Prepares For Passing Out Parade, Parents of GCs Not Allowed Due to COVD-19.

The Commandant, Indian Military Academy, in his convocation address, congratulated the Course for successfully completing their challenging three years of training at the Army Cadet College Wing. In his address, he said “the degree that you all have just received represents a major milestone in your career and marks the end of an initial, but immensely important phase of your professional life”. He also said that “I would like to remind you that former Army Cadet College cadets have excelled and done us proud over the years. They have won the highest gallantry awards, the Param Vir Chakra and the Ashok Chakra, passed out from the Indian Military Academy with the prestigious Sword of Honour and have risen to high ranks. These illustrious predecessors have left an excellent legacy for all of you to emulate”.

The Award Winners of 117 Army Cadet College Wing Course are as follows:-

COAS Medals

Gold Medal                                         : WCA RITURAJ SINGH.

Silver Medal                                       : WCC VIKRAM GAUTAM.

Bronze Medal                                    : WCQM DUBAL RANA.

Commandant’s Silver Medals:

First in Service Subjects                 : WCQM DUBAL RANA.

First in Humanities Stream           : CCC BIRENDRA SINGH.

First in Science Stream   : WCA RITURAJ SINGH.

On this occasion, Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal, also awarded the Commandant’s Banner to the Champion BOGRA Company of Army Cadet College. The Banner is awarded to the Company, which excels in various competitions like Sports, Academics, Camps, Debates and Interior Economy.

In the end, the Commandant complimented Brigadier Shailesh Sati, Commander Army Cadet College Wing, and his team of instructors, Faculty Members for their diligent efforts in shaping the Cadets into potential officers. He also congratulated the parents and spouse who could not participate in this ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions, for the achievements of the Cadets.

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INS Sandhayak, Indian Navy’s Hydrographic Survey Ship, To Be Decommissioned on June 4 After Serving For 40 Years

INS Sandhayak, the first of its class indigenously designed and built Hydrographic Survey Ship of Indian Navy, will be decommissioned on Friday, 04 Jun 21 after serving the nation for 40 years. The decommissioning ceremony of INS Sandhayak will be held at Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam and will be a low-key event attended only by in-station officers and sailors with strict observance of COVID-19 protocols.

Sandhayak was conceptualised by then Chief Hydrographer to the Govt. of India, Rear Adm FL Fraser, AVSM, Padma Shri who had a strong desire for indigenously designed and built hydrographic survey vessels in India.  The design was finalised by Naval Headquarters and the construction of the ship began at GRSE Kolkata (then Calcutta) by laying the keel in 1978.  The ship was commissioned to the Indian Navy on 26 Feb 1981 by Vice Adm MK Roy, AVSM then Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Eastern Naval Command(ENC). 

Since commissioning, she has been the Alma-Mater nurturing the hydrographers of the Indian Navy thereby laying the foundation of complete hydrographic coverage of the peninsular waters.  Also, the success of her design paved way for all the Survey ships of the Indian Navy in various modifications till recently. INS Rajput, The First Destroyer of Indian Navy, to be Decommissioned on May 21 After Serving For Over 41 Years.

The ship, during her commissioned service, has undertaken approximately 200 major Hydrographic Surveys and numerous minor surveys in both East and West coasts of the country, the Andaman seas and the neighbouring countries too.  Apart from Survey Missions, the ship has been an active participant in many significant operations such as Op Pawan – assisting the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka in 1987, Op Sarong, Op Rainbow – rendering humanitarian assistance post Tsunami of 2004 and participation in maiden joint INDO-US HADR Exercise ‘Tiger-Triumph’.

In its glorious 40 years, the ship saw 22 Commanding Officers at the helm, with the last Commanding Officer taking charge of the ship on 17 Jun 19.  With the sunset on Friday, the Naval Ensign and the Commissioning Pennant will be hauled down for the last time onboard INS Sandhayak, in the presence of Vice Adm Ajendra Bahadur Singh, AVSM, VSM Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief ENC symbolising the decommissioning.

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Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane Reviews Security In The Kashmir Valley

General MM Naravane, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is on a two-day visit to Kashmir to review the prevailing security situation in the UT. On arrival at Srinagar on Wednesday, i.e June 2, the Army Chief, accompanied by Lt Gen YK Joshi, the Northern Army Commander and Lt Gen DP Pandey, Chinar Corps Commander visited units and formations in the hinterland where he was briefed by the local Commanders on the existing security situation and the measures being taken to identify & target the over ground workers’ (OGWs) network involved in radicalisation and recruitment of youth into terrorist ranks. Efforts to prevent local recruitment and facilitate surrender of local terrorists were also discussed.

While interacting with troops, the COAS expressed his appreciation to the jawans and commanders who are relentlessly battling the dual challenges of Pakistan abetted terror and the global pandemic. He further reinforced the need to be prepared to meet emerging security challenges effectively. Later, the COAS was briefed by the Chinar Corps Commander on the overall situation pertaining to the Line of Control and the hinterland. Nikita Kaul, Wife of Pulwama Martyr Major Vibhuti Dhoundiyal, Joins Indian Army as Lieutenant During POP Held at OTA Chennai.

Indian Army’s Tweet:

The Army Chief complimented the excellent synergy exhibited by all sections of the Civil administration, Jammu and Kashmir Police, Central Armed Police Forces and other Security agencies in projecting a ‘Whole of Government’ approach that has resulted in improvement in the security situation conducive for fostering a new era of development in the UT.

Tweet by The Indian Army:

In the evening, the COAS called on the Hon’ble Lt Governor Manoj Sinha at Raj Bhawan and discussed the emerging challenges and road map for long term peace in J&K. The LG appreciated the role played by the Indian Army in restoring and preserving peace in the UT and providing aid to the civil authorities against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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IMA POP Spring Term 2021 on June 12; Indian Military Academy Prepares For Passing Out Parade, Parents of GCs Not Allowed Due to COVID-19

The Indian Military Academy’s (IMA) passing out parade for the spring term 2021 will take place on June 12, 2021. The IMA POP spring term 2021 will be held in the backdrop of the famous Chetwode Building. The ceremonies have been scaled down but shall retain the traditional element of ceremonial regalia. The formations have been modified to ensure due distancing and the parade shall be reviewed by Lieutenant General RP Singh, GOC-in-C, HQ Western Command. The 425 GCs set to be commissioned in various armies, are sure to win further laurels and add glory to this great institution. This includes 84 foreign trainees from nine countries

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation, the parents and the family members of the Passing Out Gentlemen Cadets will not be able to attend the ceremony. The entire event will however be showcased for them live on various media channels. The pipping ceremony, which is traditionally done by the parents of the Passing Out Course, will be solemnised by the Instructor staff posted at IMA. The IMA Passing Out Parade of Spring Term 2021 highlights the unwavering commitment of Armed Force to face any challenge & constantly strive to excel. IMA POP Autumn Term 2020: Multi Display Activity Held at Somnath Stadium of Indian Military Academy (View Pics and Videos).

The ceremonies associated with the Passing Out Parade will commence on June 11, 2021, with a solemn wreath laying ceremony, where homage will be paid to the brave alumni of this prestigious training academy, 889 of whom have made the supreme sacrifice to uphold the honour of the Nation and protect its Sovereignty, in keeping with the highest traditions of the Indian Army.

IMA POP Teaser Released By The Indian Army:

The COVID pandemic posed serious challenges for the Academy but the extremely pro-active measures and strict enforcement of requisite protocols ensured a largely ‘COVID Free’ environment. The academy progressed uninterrupted training over last 16-18 months to fulfill its mandate of training future ready warrior leaders. The resolve and commitment, in sync with academy ethos, have been at display wherein staff and GCs retained focus on training, despite COVID affecting near and dear ones at home. Active support from state authorities and civil administration facilitated academy functioning while overcoming all challenges.

Full Oath Taking Ceremony At IMA POP 2018:

The Indian Military Academy at Dehradun stands tall amongst its peers across the world. Since its raising in 1932, a total of 60384 Indian Gentlemen Cadets(GCs) and 2572 Foreign GCs from 34 friendly foreign countries have got trained and commissioned as proud Army officers from the portals of IMA. With current strength of 222 foreign trainees, almost every fourth GC in the academy is from a foreign Army reflecting the stellar international standing of the Academy and its reputed training regime. The academy has been pursuing a visionary transformation of its infrastructure and training methodology towards preparing the young military leaders for the complexities of the future battlefields.

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Lt Gen Manoj Pande to Take Charge as Eastern Command Chief Succeeding Lt Gen Anil Chauhan on June 1

Lt Gen Manoj Pande will take charge as the chief of the Indian Army’s Eastern Command on Tuesday, i.e. June 1. He will succeeds Lt Gen Anil Chauhan. Lt Gen Pande served as 15th Commander-in-Chief of Andaman and Nicobar Command (CINCAN). On Monday, he relinquished the command of the only tri-services operational command of the Armed Forces. Lt Gen Ajay Singh will take over as Commander-in-Chief of Andaman and Nicobar Command.

Lt Gen Pande is an alumnus of National Defence Academy. He commissioned into the Corps of Engineers (The Bombay Sappers) in December 1982. Lt Gen Pande is a graduate of Staff College, Camberley (United Kingdom). The General officer also attended the Higher Command Course at Army War College, Mhow and National Defence College (NDC) at Delhi. He has also actively taken part in Operation Vijay and Operation Parakram. IAF Chief RKS Bhadauria Flies ‘Missing Man’ Formation in Mig-21 BISON to Pay Tribute to Sqaudron Leader Abhinav Choudhary.

In his farewell address on Monday after relinquishing the command of the only tri-services operational command of the Armed Forces, he CINCAN highlighted the present and emerging security challenges and complimented all ranks for maintaining a very high level of operational readiness despite the COVID pandemic. He emphasised on the importance of synergy amongst the three services and Indian Coast Guard to achieve desired operational outcome. He later inspected the Joint Forces Guard of Honour at INS Utkrosh.

Under the General Officer’s command, during this last one year, the ANC has significantly enhanced the operational preparedness and successfully conducted a number of major Tri-Service operational exercises, BrahMos missile firing and joint exercises with foreign Navies. The Command also conducted a unique joint operational exercise during the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind in March 2021. Emphasis was also given to speed up ongoing infrastructure works at Port Blair and other outlaying stations such as Shibpur, Car Nicobar, Kamorta and Campbell Bay.The General Officer has remained at the forefront of efforts to harmonise the working relationship with civil administration and the people of the Islands.

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COVID-19 in India: Medical ICU Installed Onboard ALH MK III Aircraft For Evacuation Of Critical Patients

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Defence Forces has swung into action to assist the government in fighting coronavirus. They have launched the operation CO-JEET to tackle COVID-19. A Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) has been installed onboard ALH Mk III from INAS 323 at INS Hansa by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). With ALH Mk III, an all-weather aircraft, being equipped with MICU, the Indian Navy can now undertake medical evacuation of critical patients by air even in unfavourable weather conditions. COVID-19 Surge in India: Indian Navy Sets Up COVID Care Centre at Vishakhapatnam’s Bheemunipatnam.

The MICU has two sets of Defibrillators, Multipara Monitors, Ventilator, Oxygen Support as well as Infusion and Syringe Pumps. It also has a suction system to clear secretions in the mouth or airway of the patient. The system can be operated on aircraft power supply and also has a battery back up of four hours. The equipment can be installed in two-three hours to convert the aircraft into an air ambulance. This is the first of eight MICU sets to be delivered by HAL to Indian Navy.

Tweet By PRO Defence Mumbai:

India is witnessing the second wave of COVID-19. Earlier this week, the Indian Navy provided on “Oxygen on Wheels” plant to Palasa COVID-19 Care Centre. The “Oxygen on Wheels” designed by Naval Dockyard, was formally inaugurated at the Palasa, COVID Care Centre by Seediri Appalaraju, Minister of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development and Fisheries in the presence of Sub Collector Suraj Ganore and the Naval Team.

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