India Gifted 1971 Liberation Souvenirs to Bangladesh

Pakistan Army’s Lt. General AAK Niazi surrender to Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora                       (Picture

India has handed over one Mi-4 helicopter and two Pt-76 tanks to Bangladesh as part of the 1971 Liberation War mementoes on April 26. According to a defence ministry spokesman, these gifts will be showcased at the Bangladesh army and air force museums. The helicopter and the tanks were parts of the gifts given by External Affairs Minister during her Bangladesh visit last year, reported PTI

The 25 souvenirs given in October last year includes pistol, rifles, machine guns and mortars alongside a large number of artefact, historical photographs, archival audio and video clippings, maps and battle records related to the 1971 Liberation War. PT-76 tanks were light amphibious, used for crossing rivers during the 1971 war by the Indian Army. These tanks outclassed much superior M34 Chafee tanks of the Pakistani Army, whereas Mi-4 transport helicopter is used for heliborne operations by the Indian Army in the eastern sector.

Earlier the Indian Air Force had gifted a Hunter fighter jet and one Dakota transport aircraft, and the Indian Navy gifted mementos of INS Vikrant and models of ships that participated in the war. The Indian Army also gifted six 3.7 Howitzer guns.

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