Indian Military Academy Autumn Term 2018: 810 GCs Participate In Cross-Country Event

GCs taking part in the cross-country event held at IMA, Dehradun (Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy)

The Indian Military Academy is an institute where boys are groomed into men. Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) during their training at this premier institute are exposed to multifarious activities such as Weapon Training, Service and Academic Subjects, Drill, Physical Training, Sports, Outdoor Camps and extracurricular activities. These are aimed at making them battle ready and teach them necessary skills to execute various responsibilities and operational tasks with utmost professionalism during their service career. GCs are are also encouraged to achieve excellence at individual level and contribute constructively in team effort to infuse a sense of comradeship amongst them.

Lt Gen S K Jha, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, Commandant, IMA flagged off the event  (Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy)

As part of part of the training schedule, a cross country run as of GCs of Autumn term 2018 was held at the prestigious Indian Military Academy on 19 October 2018. The cross-country run is of 12 Kms. Lt Gen S K Jha, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, Commandant of the academy flagged off the event which tests the limits of physical endurance, determination and will power of GCs.

The most colourful and awaited event of the academy saw participation of 810 gentle man cadets of IInd and IIIrd terms.  Highlight of the Cross country of this autumn term has been the joshful participation and increased sense of involvement of the Gentleman cadets with 100℅ participation and not having even a single dropout.

 Keren Comapny of Bhagat Battalion attained the first position with 742 points (Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy)

Keren Company of Bhagat Battalion attained the first position with 742 points, while Basantar Company of the same Battalion got second position with 706 points. Jessore Company of Manekshaw Battalion came third on difference of average score with 706 points.



(Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academ

GC shivkant yadav of Alamein Company with a timing of 38.16 minutes got first position while GC Himanshu Kashyap of Dograi Company and GC Abhishek Rai of Alamein Company came 2nd & 3rd with timings of 38.32 and 38.39 minutes respectively.


The event culminated with tug of war competition among new entrant Gentleman cadets followed by similar competition between commandant 15 and deputy commandant and Chief instructor 15 in which instructors of the Academy participated. The event witnessed a cheerful participation by officers, ladies and children of the Academy.



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