Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal to Become First Army Man to Climb Highest Mountain of All Seven Continents

Col Ranveer Janwal 2
Col Ranveer SIngh Jamwal (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/@indianarmy.adgpi)

Indian Army is a profession where one ‘leads a life less ordinary’. Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal is showcasing a true spirit of an army man. He is the first Army personnel to attempt the seven summits. Colonel Jamwal is on a mission to climb the highest mountain of all seven continents. His final Frontier is Mt Vinson in Antarctica for which he is scheduled to depart on today, 25 December 2018. The probable date of summit will be from January 6-9, 2019, depending on the weather. Hand-in-Hand Exercise 2018 Culminates; Indian Army Troops Return to India.

Till now, the officer has scaled Mt Everest (Highest mountain in the World and Asia), the highest mountain of Africa (Mt Killimanjaro), Australia (Mt Carstenesz Pyramid), Europe (Mt Elbrus), South America (Mt Aconcagua) & North America (Mt Denali). Colonel Jamwal has the distinction of climbing Mount Everest three times. He has done more than 30 expeditions across six continents. Col Jamwal is the only person in India to lead ‘back-to-back three Everest Expeditions’. Apart from this, a total 51 climbers have climbed Everest under his dynamic leadership. Hand-in-Hand Exercise 2018: Indian Army Troops Perform Bhangra During Joint Military Drill; Watch Video.

He is the proud recipient of Highest Adventure Award of India, Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award. The army officer was declared the best mountaineer of India by Indian Mountaineering Foundation in 2017 and was awarded the IMF Gold Medal duly recognising his feats.

Meanwhile, in July this year, Major General VD Dogra completed an exhausting ‘Ironman’ competition held in Austria. After achieving this feat, he became the first serving Indian Army officer and the only General across the world to have completed this competition.

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