Indian Army Rescues 2,500 Tourists Stuck in Snowfall Near India-China Border in Sikkim’s Nathu La

Indian Army rescued more than 2,500 tourist near India-China Border in Sikkim’s Nathu La (Picture Courtesy: Twitter/@adgpi)

The Indian Army not only defends our borders or fights insurgency in forward areas, it also puts its foot forward during various rescue operations in times of natural disaster. Continuing its tradition of ‘country before self’, the Indian Army has rescued around 2500 tourists who were stuck in around 400 vehicles near the India-China border in Sikkim’s Nathu La due to heavy snowfall. Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal to Become First Army Man to Climb Highest Mountain of All Seven Continents.

The tourist including women were stranded between the 17 Mile area and Nathu La in Sikkim. The army has provided them food, shelter and warm clothes. Medical treatment was also given to the tourists. As per reports around 1500 tourists have been accommodated at 17 Mile, while the remaining tourists were shifted to 13 Mile.

The Indian Army has also provided two sets of JCBs and Dozers of BRO for snow clearance and restoration of road connectivity, reported news agency ANI. The army will continue the rescue operation till all stranded tourists are safely moved out towards Gangtok. Hand-in-Hand Exercise 2018 Culminates; Indian Army Troops Return to India.

Earlier this year, the Indian Army along with the Navy, the Air Force and the Coast Guard rescued 23,000 people during Operation ‘Madad’ in flood-hit areas of Kerala. The medical teams of the armed forces provided free treatment to the people stuck in the floods. People were airlifted from the roofs of their houses with help of choppers to safe locations.

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