Video of Leh Kid Displaying Exceptional Military Discipline And Saluting Indian Security Personnel Is Going Viral

A child is wining hearts on internet with his exception military disciple at a tender age. The video of the child doing “Kadak” salute is going viral on social media. Even the former Indian Army officers could not stop themselves from praising the kid. However, the exact location of the video could not be known, but it is reported to be a remote village in Ladakh’s capital Leh.

The video was shared by former Indian Army Chief General Ved Prakash Malik and Director General Defence Intelligence Agency Lt Gen Kanwaljeet Singh Dhillon on their Twitter handles. The video was fist shared by Meghna Girish, the mother of martyr Indian Army Major Akshay Girish.

She tweeted, “#SundayMotivation from WhatsApp What a way to start the daySmiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesFlag of IndiaFlag of India Can anyone any age do a more ‘kadak’ salute? @Tiny_Dhillon. Wishing everyone this cheer. God bless our little one…Folded handsFlag of India”

Video of The Child Doing Kadak “Salute”:

Former Lt Gen Syed Ata Husnain in tweet said, “Truly amazing. What confidence and what ssulation for the uniform. Outcome of the impeccable relationship of the Army with the local people. God bless the young man and may a place be reserved for him in our ranks.”

Tweet by Lt Gen (R) Syed Ata Husnain

In the video, the child could be seen saluting the security personnel. He also followed the instructions of the security personnel and performed the drill perfectly. Netizens are also praising the kid for his act.

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Journalist and passionate for Indian Defence forces.

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