Defence Acquisition Council Approves Indian Army’s Request to Procure 5,000 Milan 2T Missiles, Also Gives Nod to Rs 4,000 Crore Project to Construct 6 Submarines

The Defence Acquisition Council on Thursday approved the procurement of 5,000 French-made Milan 2T missiles. The meeting was headed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Three services chief were also present in the meeting. the Indian Army had requested to procure second-generation missiles, Milan 2T missiles as India till now have not approved Israeli made anti-tank missile ‘Spike’ and Defence Research and Development Organisation’s (DRDO) Nag missile is still under trials. Indian Army Seeking 5,000 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles ‘MILAN 2T’ to Fulfil Immediate Shortage; DAC To Take Decision on January 31.

Milan 2T is an advanced variant of MILAN missiles which India used in the Kargil War of 1999 to destroy the bunkers built by Pakistani soldiers in the mountains. MILAN is a wire-guided missile. The purchase of MILAN 2T missiles will also fulfil the immediate need of anti-tank missiles and these missiles could also serve for another decade. It has a range of over 2 kilometres. Currently, the Indian Army has a requirement of 70,000 anti-tank guided missiles and 850 launchers. India tests NAG 190, $500 Million Spike Missile deal in jeopardy.

Apart from the Milan 2T Missiles, The DAC also approved the project to construct six submarines. The total cost of the project will be Rs 40,000 crores. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Indian government signed a contract with Goa Shipyard Ltd, Goa to-date for the construction of two naval frigates. The contract was part of an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) between the Government of Republic of India and Government of Russian Federation which was concluded on 15 October 2016. As part of the IGA, India signed a deal with Russia in October to directly purchase two project 1135.6 class frigates, while another deal was signed to build two other frigates at Goa Shipyard Ltd.

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