Rajnath Singh on India-China Standoff in Ladakh: Defence Minister Says ‘Border Dispute Unresolved, China Unilaterally Alter Status Quo’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday addressed the Lok Sabha over the India-China border dispute in the Eastern Ladakh. During his address in the Lok Sabha, Singh said that the border issue is unresolved. The Defence Minister further added that no mutually acceptable solution has been reached by both the countries until now. Giving a strong warning to China, Singh said that India would not compromise with its sovereignty. Fact Check: No Fresh Clashes Reported at LAC Between Indian Army And PLA Troops; PIB Debunks Fake Media Report.

He accused China of not accepting the customary and traditional alignment of the boundary with India. The Defence Minister said that a “difference of perception” exists between the two countries. Singh stated, “China continues to be in illegal occupation of approximately 38,000 sq. kms in the Union Territory of Ladakh. In addition, under the so-called Sino-Pakistan ‘Boundary Agreement’ of 1963, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 sq. km. of Indian territory in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to China. China also claims approximately 90,000 sq. kms. of Indian territory in the Eastern Sector of the India-China boundary in Arunachal Pradesh.”

Singh told the house that the Indian government had made it clear to the Chinese side that its attempt to alter status quo in the status sector is unacceptable. He also mentioned that the Chinese actions reflected a disregard of our various bilateral agreements. The Defence Minister said, “The amassing of the troops by China goes against the 1993 and 1996 Agreements. Respecting and strictly observing the Line of Actual Control is the basis for peace and tranquility in the border areas and explicitly recognised in both 1993 and 1996 agreements.” He also informed the house that the Indian Army inflicted heavy casualties on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on June 14 during a violent clashes at Galwan Valley. Col B Santosh Babu, CO of 16 Bihar Regiment, Among Three Indian Army Personnel Martyred During Violent Face-Off With Chinese Troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley.

He also praised the Indian Armed Forces for countering the Chinese aggression. Singh said, “The Chinese side again engaged in provocative military manoeuvers on the night of August 29 and 30 in an attempt to change the status quo in the South Bank area of Pangong Lake. But yet again, timely and firm actions by our armed forces along the LAC prevented such attempts from succeeding.” He added that motivation the morale and motivation of our Armed Forces is very high.

According to Singh, the Chinese side has mobilised a large number of troops and armaments along the LAC as well as in the depth areas. He said that there are several friction areas in Eastern Ladakh including Gogra, Kongka La and North and South Banks of the Pangong Lake. The Defence MInister assured the Lower House that India remains committed to resolving the current issues in our border areas through peaceful dialogue and consultations.

Full Statement of Rajnath Singh:

The situation in eastern Ladakh deteriorated after around 250 Chinese and Indian soldiers were engaged in a violent face-off on the evening of May 5 .Over 100 Indian and Chinese soldiers were injured in the violence. The incident in Pangong Tso was followed by a similar incident in north Sikkim on May 9. NOtably, India has captured advantageous positions in the southern bank of Pangong Tso lake.

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