Countdown Begins – Evening of Joy rocked the IMA ‘#IMA Ball’

Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy (IMA) After rigorous and hard training of one and half years, third termer cadets get the opportunity to have a glimpse of the lighter side of Army officer’s Life on ‘IMA Ball’. Cadets are allowed to invite their Ball partner for this ball night. “IMA Ball’ is held at theContinue reading “Countdown Begins – Evening of Joy rocked the IMA ‘#IMA Ball’”

Shortage of Officers in Indian Army

Picture Courtesy: Picture Courtesy: India has the second largest army in the world with the strength of 11.77 lakh.  Still Indian army is facing shortage of around 11,000 officers. Allotted strength for officer ranks is around 48000. Maximum shortage of officers is in the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Lt. Colonel. IndianContinue reading “Shortage of Officers in Indian Army”

One Rank One Pension – Forgotten Promise?

  Picture Courtesy:   Demad for One Rank One Pension (OROP) has made our veterans, who protected our national, to come out and protest for getting their right. Now let us first understand what is OROP? One Rank One Pension is giving equal amount of pension to the retired defense personnel from the sameContinue reading “One Rank One Pension – Forgotten Promise?”

7th Pay Commission – Demoralizing the Defense Forces

                                         Picture Courtesy: Armed forces are on a losing side because of the recommendations of the 7th Pay commission. The main is the disparity in the hardship allowance in defense forces and their counterparts inContinue reading “7th Pay Commission – Demoralizing the Defense Forces”

SSB – First step towards the ‘SERVICES’

Services Selection Board (SSB) is the interview for the officer’s rank in the defense forces of India. This interview is stretched for five days at a particular SSB center. Thousands of defense aspirants for various officers training academies of different wings, after clearing entrance exam of UPSC level appear for SSB. Out of the thousandsContinue reading “SSB – First step towards the ‘SERVICES’”