The Safety, Honor and Welfare of your Country come First – Always and Every time.

The Honor, Welfare and Comfort of the Men You Command come Next.

Your Own Ease, Comfort and Safety come Last – Always and Every Time.’

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

Chetwode Building, Indian Military Academy, Dehradun


The credo of IMA serves as the motto of every officer of the Indian Army.

Till date IMA has given over fifty seven thousand officers to the Indian Army.

Officers commissioned from this prestigious institute has lived up to the reputation of the IMA. Alumni of the IMA has displayed the leadership and military skills in every conflict in which Indian army has been engaged.

The first batch of IMA consists of 40 gentlemen cadets, started their training from 1st October 1932, whereas officially IMA was inaugurated on 10th December 1932.

Each year young cadets undergo rigorous training of one and half years. This training transforms them from a boy to the Officers of the Indian Army.

Passing out Parade of IMA takes place twice in a year: Spring term and Autumn Term.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

GCs ready for the Parade, IMA

The Passing out Parade of 139 regular and 122 technical course took place 10th December 2016, where 401 Gentlemen cadets commissioned into the Army. Fifty three foreign cadets also completed their training and joined as officers in their respective armies.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

Reviewing Officer Lt.Gen. NPS Hira, AVSM, SM reviewing the parade

Lt. Gen. Narinder Pal Singh Hira, AVSM, SM, was the reviewing officer of the Parade. The General Officer has a rich experience of conventional operations both in Western and eastern Theaters’ and also of Counter-Insurgency, both in Jammu and Kashmir and in North-East. In his address Lt. Gen . Hira congratulated Gentlemen Cadets (GC) for successfully completing the traing at IMA. He also appreciated the hardwork put in by the instructors of the academy for making the GCs tough mentally and physically. Lt. Gen keeping in focus the changing warfare practices in modern time, highlighted the the way GC are trained so that they can adapt themselves to this modern warfare. He also praised the Indian Army for showing valour in all the conflicts fought till now. Lt. Gen said that armies of bravery few countries can match the capabilities of the Indian Army.

(Picture Courtesy : Indian Military Academy)

Reviewing officer presnting ‘Sword of Honour’ To Gc Pratyush Mohanty


The coveted ‘Sword of Honour’ was given to Academy Cadet Adjutant Pratyush Kumar MohantyBatallion Under Officer Malla Rama Gopal Naidu won the gold Medal for standing first in the overall merit list, whereas Silver Medal for standing second in the merit list was given to Batallion Under officer Suyash Gupta. Bronze Medal was given to Academy Cadet Pratyush Kumar MohantySilver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Technical Graduate Course was presented to Junior Under Officer Deepak SinghSilver Medal for the Foreign Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit  amongst the Foreign Gentlemen Cadets was presented to GC George Prince Karki of Nepal

The Chief of Army Staff Banner was presented to Alamein Company for standing overall First amongst the 16 companies for the Autumn Term 2016.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

GC’s marching during the POP

This time around also Uttar Pradesh topped the list with 77 GC’s from the state commissioned into the army, followed by Haryana with 46 GC’s. 11 GC’s from Jammu and Kashmir also commissioned into the army. In the spring term this year 565 GC’s were commissioned into the army, where this number drops down to 401 only.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

Silver Medalist amongst the foreign cadets: GC George Prince Karki from Nepal

After the Piping ceremony Young Cadets took oath to safeguard the country till the peril of their life. It was moment of pride for the parents. There were few third generation young army officers who carried forward the legacy of their fathers and grandfathers.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

Young officers celebrating after taking the oath

Interacting with media Sword of honour winner, Pratyush Mohanty expressed his happiness on winning this honour.

According to GC Deepak Singh, Silver medalist of 122 technical course, The way of looking towards things has completely changed, earlier in civilian life we complain about things, but in army it is not about complaints, it is all about accomplishing the task given to you.

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

‘Sword of Honour’ winner Lt. Pratyush Mohanty addressing the media

(Picture Courtesy : Sumit Sharma)

Silver Medalist in technical entry: Lt. Deepak Singh sharing his experience of  his training in IMA

Talking to the media Lt. Gen. NPS Hira said that demonetization had helped to curtail the terror activities as the financial support system of the terrorists was hampered a great deal from this move.

The POP ceremony is the event which marks the transformation of a civilian into an army officer. The officers commissioned from IMA always carry forward the legacy of alumni of the academy and one promise these young officers make to them that they will also make their country and/ parents proud.

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