‘IMA Ball Night – 2017, Spring Term’ – The night of Joy and Merriment

Picture Courtesy: Sumit Sharma

Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun

India Military Academy (IMA) is the most prestigious institute of India, where boys are groomed and trained to be an officers of The Indian Army. Gentlemen Cadets undergo a rigorous training in the academy.

At the end of the training Ball Party is organised. Gentlemen Cadets are allowed to invite their ball partners for this ball night. The future officers always have a gala time during this ball night before the military service beckons. This event is also termed as ‘Break-Up Party’ for the third termers. Display of officer like qualities e.g. Courtesy, Chivalry, Gentlemanly were at peak during this event. These qualities are imbibed in gentlemen cadets during the entire course of training in IMA, which makes them a ‘True Gentlemen’.

Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy

Winners of IMA Ball-2017 (Spring Term) with Commandant IMA, Lt Gen SK Upadhya, SM, VSM

The glittering and most awaited social event for the Spring Term 2017, the ‘IMA Ball’, was held on 27 May 2017 at the Indian Military Academy.

The evening of joy, merriment and nostalgia commenced with the Commandant IMA, Lt Gen SK Upadhya, SM, VSM, who set the ball rolling.  The Gentleman Cadets in evening military attire and the ladies in their dazzling best graced the gala event.

Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy

Mr IMA: GC Naman Bhatt

Picture Courtesy: Indian Military Academy

Miss IMA: Miss Saumya

The highlight of the evening was the selection of Mr IMA and Miss IMA, in which the Gentleman Cadets and their lady guests participated whole-heartedly with great zeal and enthusiasm. Miss Saumya was adjudged as Miss IMA and Gentleman Cadet Naman Bhatt was declared as Mr IMA. The proud winners won exquisite gift hampers.

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